Lightning Cable Headphones for Apple Devices

Apple announced the scrapping of the standing headphone jack on the iPhone 7 proving the rumors to be true. Due to this reason, many tech companies have already made headphones that fit into the Lightning port. Some of them come with extra features that are not available on the 3. 5mm headphone.

The Apple Earthquake That Shook the Audio Industry

One of these new features is the noise cancellation technology without extra batteries in the new headphones. This is because the noise cancellation takes the power it needs from the iPhone. On a normal day, you could just buy wireless earphones since there are a lot of them available in the market.

However, someone that loves good sound quality will not go with this option because the wireless connection may have poor sound quality due to interference from external factors.

This means that the best option, in this case, will be Lightning cable headphones which lead to the ultimate question, “Which of these lighting cable headphones will give you value for your money?” In no particular order, we have compiled a list of the best lighting cable headphones available in the market. We used the great reviews and write-ups over at for inspiration as they are without a doubt the go-to resource for all things high-end-audio and Apple.


These happen to be a major contender with the Apple’s EarPods, but they provide a few more features and is still an excellent and affordable option. For instance, they come with an inline remote, and they are fitted with silicone earbuds which should is very firm on the ears. The inline volume and play/pause control in the Brightech SHarkk are similar to Apple’s Lightning EarPods. The company says that the high-quality copper in the headphones help to improve the data and signal transmission of the music you are listening to. You should be prepared to get the best sound quality. Be rest assured that the compatibility of the Brightech Sharkk is certified simply by Apple too. Still, not everyone is a fan as listed them as one of the headsets you shouldn’t waste your money on.


The Audeze Sine brand of headphones is one of the most advanced headphones available in the market today. In addition to the essential component which is the Lightning connector, they come with much ear-pleasing technology (such as a high-quality DAC) to make your music listening sessions superb. Furthermore, they are portable, comfortable and are great to boot. Concerning quality, the Audeze combines great machined metal parts with a premium soft leather finish. The headphones come standard with a 3.5mm cable and a unique Cipher Lightning cable. The flat Cipher cable features play/pause options, built-in volume controls, and an inline microphone. Additionally, it can also digitally store two Equalizer profiles that you could configure in the Audeze Sine mobile application. The reviews and tech community reception of the Audeze Sines has been nothing short of amazing, as they seem to create a “must buy” frenzy for anyone who actually tries them on for a listen, like the folks in the video clip below:


The Libratone Q Adapt headphones has two 40mm drivers that give a high sound quality. Additionally, it has a built-in microphone which allows you to make hands-free calls. You can control the basic functionalities of the headphones by simply tapping its ear glass. These on-ear headphones were created with touch sensitive earcup, meaning that you can simply touch or run your finger over its surface to skip songs, control the volume, or even answer phone calls. When it comes to battery performance, the Libratone Q Adapt headphones can last for approximately 20 hours. This is a good battery-life if compared with other on-ear headphones that are bought from the market today. The Q Adapt series are integrated with all the new noise-cancellation technology. With this new feature, the earphones can reduce the noise or block the outdoor sound. The headphones allow you to choose the level of background noise that they output so that you can set them according to the environment that you are in.