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Living Natural Equals Looking Natural

With the overload of resources these days one what is natural and how to look natural it seems people are willing to spend more and more money on unnatural products to achieve such looks. This is not only completely backwards it’s also a massive waste of money! The fact of the matter is simple: if you want to look natural, then you have to live naturally. What does that mean? Well, let us explain.

Eating Natural

Whenever possible, consume as organic as you can, whether shopping for your own groceries or when eating out at restaurants. It’s not secret that many producers of our food, especially fruits and vegetables like to use pesticides and other harmful chemicals when growing and harvesting their products.

Natural living experts at Mineral Cosmetics Canada have equated this to the old “you are what you eat” saying… meaning if you consume artificial chemicals and chemicals those chemicals will stay in your body and cause overall harm to your health.

Sometimes things don’t specifically state if they are organic or not and in that type of situation you will then have to ask the grocery store manager or the owner of the restaurant to help clarify. Don’t feel bad about asking, you are not being “picky”, you simply care about your health and the health of those around you. Studies have shown and proven that eating organic and healthy pays dividends in the long run, as explained in this fantastic piece from National Public Radio.

Using Natural Products

It’s not just what you put INSIDE your body, but also what you put on your body. In case you didn’t know it, the skin is the largest organ on/in the human body. Yeah, most people guess brain or stomach or intestines, and while these are indeed pretty big organs, they pale into comparison to the overall surface area of skin. Another interesting fact about human skin is that it is porous. Yeah, that’s why all those little tiny dots on your face (that sometimes get plugged and cause acne) are called pores.

What is a pore? Well, it’s essentially a little tiny hole in the skin. It’s important to keep them clean with natural organic cleansers. If they get plugged they can turn into blackheads or whiteheads or even severe acne cysts. However, when cleansing, it is important to keep in mind that what you rub into your skin when cleaning is actually partially absorbed by your skin.

So, when shopping for shampoo and body cleanser, even hand soap, it is very important to read the labels carefully to make sure there are no harmful or dangerous ingredients that could negatively impact your overall health.

Think Sustainable

In the long run though, it’s not just about you the reader or me the writer, it’s about our species as a whole on earth. Earth itself is a living breathing planet, and if we trash it or pollute it we end up polluting and trashing ourselves, that is how ecosystems work..they are all interconnected. The food chain is one great example of interconnectedness. If we put toxins in our water that fish swim in and then we eat the fish we are eating the toxins.

Any third grade student can understand this, so don’t forget it next time you’re shopping. Always try to buy biodegradable items and minimize use of harmful plastics and chemicals that will only hurt the environment in the long run.

There you go, the three most important aspects of living and looking natural, from small in scale (what you eat for a meal) to massive in scale (the health of the planet) the goal of achieving a completely natural look is to actually live that way! Anyone can talk the talk, but are you ready to walk the walk?! Let us know in the comments section below!