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Knowing your PC

Although sometimes we may think it is time we changed our PC for a better one, there are times when that is not really necessary as the motherboard may have the potential to upgrade our PC without changing the PC itself. These and other details are discussed on websites such as motherboardtalk and by learning more about motherboards we may be able to save ourselves the cost of a new PC.

The motherboard is the central hub for any computer and it is the component that provides power to all the other components. All aspects and components of the PC are connected to the motherboard, as are components on the peripheral such as printers. All the motherboard therefore has to be used in order for a PC to function; sometimes a PC is not making use of the motherboards full potential.

When you buy a PC it will undoubtedly have a video card, audio card and a memory chip but the motherboard may also have extra space for additional or updated memory chips or video cards. This means that if the graphics for a new game you have bought seem inferior to what they should be, due to your video card not being the best, a new video card may be able to be placed in the motherboard to solve the problem. A video card or any other component is obviously cheaper than buying a complete new computer and so we should at least learn the full potential our current motherboard has.

Every aspect of a computer, external as well as internal must connect with the motherboard as it is the motherboard that co-ordinates all of them and allows for the data to be stored on the hard drive. Any internet connections also connect to the motherboard and so for all intense and purposes, the motherboard is the computer or is at the very least possibly the most important part of any computer.

Today there are many motherboards that can be bought separate from a computer so that if wanted, just a motherboard is changed instead of a whole computer and then the additional upgrades added. Of course though, if you do buy a new motherboard you will want to ensure that not only can it accept the any upgrades you currently want to add but can also accept others should the need arise. It is therefore important to fully understand what a motherboard does and its full potential. Websites like the one mentioned above discuss the various different motherboards available along with the pros and cons of each. Those people that use their PCs for gaming purposes may need a different motherboard from those that only use their computers to go on the social media sites and so knowing which one is most appropriate for your use is paramount in ensuring you buy the correct one for your needs. AS the computer technologies keep changing, motherboards have to change as well and so keeping up with those changes can be important.

Holiday Bargains

When we are planning our annual family vacation, most of us will usually do one of two things. One thing we may do is look for any bargains on anywhere and having found one, opt to go to that destination. The other thing we may do is decide where we want to go and then look to see if there are any bargains available for that particular destination. We should though perhaps consider a third option and that option is to see if there are any promo codes either for certain destinations or for certain travel companies or agents. To find this out, if you live in Ireland, visit the website of as they have listed all available promo codes in Ireland, all on one website so they can be easily found. As well as promo codes for places like Debenhams and Tesco, dominos Pizzas and others, you will probably find a promo code for falcon holidays, one of Ireland’s main travel companies. Although a promo code for a travel company may be useful at any time of the year, one would be particularly useful if it could be used for your annual family vacation. Whether we look for bargains first or destinations first, a travel agent can always help and if they are helping whilst you are using one of their promo codes, all the better. Booking through a travel agent makes the task of planning your family vacation very easy as all you have to do is give the agent the details of where you want to go or what you want to do and let them search the different options for you. Their options will often include discounts you would not have been able to get had you tried to book a vacation on your own as they are usually part of a larger group of travel companies which negotiate discount prices for their clients. A travel agent may also know of many of the destinations you are considering and so may be able to make suggestions as to what you may like to do whilst you are there or perhaps warn you against doing certain things whilst you are there but wither way, their input can always make a difference to your vacation, usually for the better. It isn’t just at the holiday times that we are looking for bargains though; most of us would welcome any kind of bargain at any time any promo codes can offer those bargains, once we know where to find them. That is the beauty of the website mentioned above as it shows the current promo codes, not ones which have already expired and os any day of the week, we can go to that website and see if there are any promo codes we can use that day. That website only has promo codes for Ireland though but other websites may follow their lead and show promo codes which can be used in other countries as well as their own.

Lightning Cable Headphones for Apple Devices

Apple announced the scrapping of the standing headphone jack on the iPhone 7 proving the rumors to be true. Due to this reason, many tech companies have already made headphones that fit into the Lightning port. Some of them come with extra features that are not available on the 3. 5mm headphone.

The Apple Earthquake That Shook the Audio Industry

One of these new features is the noise cancellation technology without extra batteries in the new headphones. This is because the noise cancellation takes the power it needs from the iPhone. On a normal day, you could just buy wireless earphones since there are a lot of them available in the market.

However, someone that loves good sound quality will not go with this option because the wireless connection may have poor sound quality due to interference from external factors.

This means that the best option, in this case, will be Lightning cable headphones which lead to the ultimate question, “Which of these lighting cable headphones will give you value for your money?” In no particular order, we have compiled a list of the best lighting cable headphones available in the market. We used the great reviews and write-ups over at for inspiration as they are without a doubt the go-to resource for all things high-end-audio and Apple.


These happen to be a major contender with the Apple’s EarPods, but they provide a few more features and is still an excellent and affordable option. For instance, they come with an inline remote, and they are fitted with silicone earbuds which should is very firm on the ears. The inline volume and play/pause control in the Brightech SHarkk are similar to Apple’s Lightning EarPods. The company says that the high-quality copper in the headphones help to improve the data and signal transmission of the music you are listening to. You should be prepared to get the best sound quality. Be rest assured that the compatibility of the Brightech Sharkk is certified simply by Apple too. Still, not everyone is a fan as listed them as one of the headsets you shouldn’t waste your money on.


The Audeze Sine brand of headphones is one of the most advanced headphones available in the market today. In addition to the essential component which is the Lightning connector, they come with much ear-pleasing technology (such as a high-quality DAC) to make your music listening sessions superb. Furthermore, they are portable, comfortable and are great to boot. Concerning quality, the Audeze combines great machined metal parts with a premium soft leather finish. The headphones come standard with a 3.5mm cable and a unique Cipher Lightning cable. The flat Cipher cable features play/pause options, built-in volume controls, and an inline microphone. Additionally, it can also digitally store two Equalizer profiles that you could configure in the Audeze Sine mobile application. The reviews and tech community reception of the Audeze Sines has been nothing short of amazing, as they seem to create a “must buy” frenzy for anyone who actually tries them on for a listen, like the folks in the video clip below:


The Libratone Q Adapt headphones has two 40mm drivers that give a high sound quality. Additionally, it has a built-in microphone which allows you to make hands-free calls. You can control the basic functionalities of the headphones by simply tapping its ear glass. These on-ear headphones were created with touch sensitive earcup, meaning that you can simply touch or run your finger over its surface to skip songs, control the volume, or even answer phone calls. When it comes to battery performance, the Libratone Q Adapt headphones can last for approximately 20 hours. This is a good battery-life if compared with other on-ear headphones that are bought from the market today. The Q Adapt series are integrated with all the new noise-cancellation technology. With this new feature, the earphones can reduce the noise or block the outdoor sound. The headphones allow you to choose the level of background noise that they output so that you can set them according to the environment that you are in.

You Can Retrieve Your Files

Though you can’t find your files in your recycle bin or wherever you placed them, it’s possibly that they’re still there. You just have to know how to recover them. So how could you, you ask? You could try to check the various folders of your machine since they may be hidden somewhere there in the form of hidden data or system files. Aside from that, it’s possible that fragments of the files that you’ve deleted are still present on your hard drive’s surface and can be recovered through file recovery software. Still, you may have transferred the data that you’re looking for to some other storage devices that you own. If you really mean to get back some of the files that you once owned, you have to work hard in retrieving them. If they contain sensitive information and it could be dangerous if anyone without your authorization could lay their hands on them then you should definitely recover such files. For further discussion regarding what were suggested that may aid in file retrieval, please read on.

If you haven’t tried doing so, you should check the folder settings of your computer and then enable the viewing of system files. Plus, you should also remove the check on the tick box which enables the hiding of hidden files too. That’s so you could see some files that are normally hidden from users and those that have been intentionally or accidentally turned into system files. Some of the files that you’ve lost may have just had their attributes changed during a virus attack or programming error so they disappeared. If your computer had been infected by a malicious application, it’s highly possible that some of your files may have been turned invisible. Once you’ve made hidden and super hidden data visible, it would be easy for you to look for them if they still exist. To find them easily, what you could do is to use your PC’s search tool or engine and then input their names. If you could do a thorough search then you should do so in order for you to obtain what you lost as soon as possible. When you’d search, just specify the date when you last modified the files and also their file extensions.

If it’s your hard drive that has become busted, though, you need to have it repaired so that you could get back your previous data. If you don’t have the necessary tools and skills in file recovery and hard drive repair, you could contact an expert since he or she may not only let you learn what to do about lost hard drive but also literally retrieve your files for you in perfect condition. Don’t lose your confidence in finding documents if your hard drive has become scratched or has numerous bad sectors because there are experts who can parts of a computer and also retrieve information. If you can hire someone to do the hard work for you, you should. Though you’ll be spending money when you’d employ a person, you’d at least get things done fast and avoid making mistakes that may be expensive.

Establish An Online Store Today

Instead of merely selling to people using your brick-and-mortar shop, you ought to consider doing business on the internet. When your brand would be recognizable and preferred by people on the web, it would be possible for you to double or even triple your income. It may be true that several business owners already have sites for selling what they have that are successful online but you shouldn’t be intimidated and be discouraged to take your enterprise online. That’s because huge businesses also starting out with nothing and most if not all of them worked their way to the top. When you’d have a shop of your own on the internet, you may be able to sell not only to those who are living within your area but also foreigners. But, of course, that depends on your willingness and capacity to take and process orders online. On the other hand, you have to have more than just a website where people could send you messages if you want to sell online. Also, today, for you to let your brand become really competitive, you have to have several websites or have extra pages aside from your official website. For the details of what were somehow discussed, please have a look at the things written below.

Of course, first of all, to have a place online where people could buy goods from you and also pay for the special services that you provide, you ought to have an official web page for your brand. If you’re not capable of making one that’s superior in design, you could settle for an ordinary blog site that’s fit for business. If you don’t have the technical skills to create a site for yourself, you could hire someone to handle the building of your site for you. Basically, a blog site is somehow easy to create and handle. Today, even those in their teenage years have their very own blog. If you’re going to make one, however, it would be best for you to build the type that doesn’t have bothersome ads on it. If you have to pay just so you could remove ad banners on your official page then you should shell out money. After all, customers are turned-off by such things and some even go so far as to associate websites that have ads as pages that contain malware. Once you already have a site, you should then proceed to making several social networking accounts so that people could connect to your brand online.

Instead of just having a website that could be accessed by people online, though, you have to get a hosting site as well. Also, you ought to hire some folks to manage your site for you. Basically, letting parts of your blog site become linked to a hosting service can give you the opportunity to have a website that can be managed by multiple individuals with the utmost ease. You ought to get the aid of several experts to have messages sent to your site and literally the content of your website managed so that you could focus more on improving the products and services that you offer to buyers. Today, there are many individuals who are willing to work for site owners so you just have to visit a job portal site to inform people that you need help. To compare various hosting services or at least get information about one, though, you may want to read pages like that of Bloggingio.

Living Natural Equals Looking Natural

With the overload of resources these days one what is natural and how to look natural it seems people are willing to spend more and more money on unnatural products to achieve such looks. This is not only completely backwards it’s also a massive waste of money! The fact of the matter is simple: if you want to look natural, then you have to live naturally. What does that mean? Well, let us explain.

Eating Natural

Whenever possible, consume as organic as you can, whether shopping for your own groceries or when eating out at restaurants. It’s not secret that many producers of our food, especially fruits and vegetables like to use pesticides and other harmful chemicals when growing and harvesting their products.

Natural living experts at Mineral Cosmetics Canada have equated this to the old “you are what you eat” saying… meaning if you consume artificial chemicals and chemicals those chemicals will stay in your body and cause overall harm to your health.

Sometimes things don’t specifically state if they are organic or not and in that type of situation you will then have to ask the grocery store manager or the owner of the restaurant to help clarify. Don’t feel bad about asking, you are not being “picky”, you simply care about your health and the health of those around you. Studies have shown and proven that eating organic and healthy pays dividends in the long run, as explained in this fantastic piece from National Public Radio.

Using Natural Products

It’s not just what you put INSIDE your body, but also what you put on your body. In case you didn’t know it, the skin is the largest organ on/in the human body. Yeah, most people guess brain or stomach or intestines, and while these are indeed pretty big organs, they pale into comparison to the overall surface area of skin. Another interesting fact about human skin is that it is porous. Yeah, that’s why all those little tiny dots on your face (that sometimes get plugged and cause acne) are called pores.

What is a pore? Well, it’s essentially a little tiny hole in the skin. It’s important to keep them clean with natural organic cleansers. If they get plugged they can turn into blackheads or whiteheads or even severe acne cysts. However, when cleansing, it is important to keep in mind that what you rub into your skin when cleaning is actually partially absorbed by your skin.

So, when shopping for shampoo and body cleanser, even hand soap, it is very important to read the labels carefully to make sure there are no harmful or dangerous ingredients that could negatively impact your overall health.

Think Sustainable

In the long run though, it’s not just about you the reader or me the writer, it’s about our species as a whole on earth. Earth itself is a living breathing planet, and if we trash it or pollute it we end up polluting and trashing ourselves, that is how ecosystems work..they are all interconnected. The food chain is one great example of interconnectedness. If we put toxins in our water that fish swim in and then we eat the fish we are eating the toxins.

Any third grade student can understand this, so don’t forget it next time you’re shopping. Always try to buy biodegradable items and minimize use of harmful plastics and chemicals that will only hurt the environment in the long run.

There you go, the three most important aspects of living and looking natural, from small in scale (what you eat for a meal) to massive in scale (the health of the planet) the goal of achieving a completely natural look is to actually live that way! Anyone can talk the talk, but are you ready to walk the walk?! Let us know in the comments section below!